Working Away: A Survival Guide for Families

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Working Away: A Survival Guide for Families (second edition) is a clever little resource tool for companies keen to support employees who work away from their loved ones.

Based on our hugely successful Survival Guide for Mining Families, it features professional advice and practical tips for boosting emotional resilience, keeping relationships healthy and families happy.

The updated, 32-page guide contains key Mining Family Matters advice from psychologist Angie Willcocks, as well as practical ideas to improve parenting, relationship and life skills. It's recommended for use as an induction tool for new employees and also to reinforce support for existing workers – and importantly it's relevant for workers and families in any industry.

Chapters in the second edition include:

  • Identifying stress and depression
  • Overcoming stress, anxiety and sadness
  • Boosting your workplace resilience
  • Knowing your mental health first aid
  • Tackling loneliness when you're apart
  • Raising happy children 
  • House rules for a happy home
  • Making your money work
  • Parenting on the same page

Prices (excluding GST & shipping) are listed below. Company co-branding opportunities are also available (many companies have branded our guides with their own logo and colours).



 1-49 copies

 $6 each (postage included)


 $200 total + GST/postage


 $370 + GST/postage


 $1750 + GST/postage


 $3200 + GST/postage

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