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FIFO mum Kristie Kerr came up with the idea of a fun countdown calendar to help her son Jack understand why his Dad was away so often.    

The idea was such a hit with Jack and his little mates that she soon decided to create them for other families, too.

"My husband is a production digger operator working away on a 2:1 roster, and I made the first calendar because Jack not understanding 'time' as such," Kristie says.

"I decided a picture calendar would be the easiest way to show him how many days were left on Dad's work roster.

"Then I thought I would also educate him on what his Dad actually does while hes away ... I think Jack thought daddy worked on a plane!"

Jack's not alone there! And that's why these calendars are such a lovely idea for kids – they help to illustrate the concept of time while also offering simple clues about what a FIFO parent actually does while they're away. 

One day might say "Daddy sometimes does work at night time, whilst you are sleeping in your bed" and another might say "The rocks and sand get turned into thinks like metal and jewellery." 

To check out the calendars or place an order, visit www.facebook.com/CarnivalCalendars