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A beautiful new children's book is strengthening connections among FIFO families by helping kids to better understand what life's like when you work away...    

Three weeks after the birth of his first child, Forrest Russo started working fly-in, fly-out in the offshore industry.

He's now got three children, and the family still drops him at the airport for work – so it's no wonder the kids think he works on an aeroplane!

Forrest's thoughtful and beautifully illustrated new book, recounting his regular journey to work and life as on offshore worker, is bound to spark conversations across Australia about what FIFO work is really like.  

"This is the story about my life as a FIFO worker, as told to my three beautiful sons," Forrest says.

"I love reading it to them at bedtime, and answering all their crazy questions about my weeks away from home.

"When I'm at work, my wife reads it to them – it's a great way of staying connected and making them feel like they're right there on the vessel with me." 

From boarding the plane and receiving all-important safety inductions, to life on board the vessel and buffet meals galore, it offers a great insight into a wonderfully varied industry and lifestyle.

Complete with glossary, it will help children understand that daddy doesn't just go "away," but goes to a place of work. 

There are also special pages where children can add a picture of their own FIFO families, and draw their favourite thing to do when everyone is home together.

We thought Daddy worked on an aeroplane retails for $21.95 and is available by clicking here

Editor's note: Forrest is the husband of our very own Oil & Gas Mum Deb Russo, and we're delighted to help promote such a gorgeous new resource for FIFO families.