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To celebrate Dad's Day, we asked FIFO partners why their miner is such a champion. Their answers show that FIFO sacrifices are not taken for granted.  

 "Our FIFO dad is a champion as he makes many sacrifices for his family so we can have better opportunities. This year he will spend his first Father's Day home in a long time. He misses lots of significant dates, including Christmas, but he always manages to make it up to us when he is home." - Jodie Birnie

"He has the biggest heart and the strongest pair of hands working 12-hr days, 4 weeks away at a time all to provide for me & our 2 boys, he never once complains but I know it's hard for him, he is our rock & we are grateful for all he is doing for us & will miss him on Father's Day but it just makes it more exciting to see him at the end of the month." - Misty Coulter-Uepa

"My Mr Mining Man is a hero in both mine & our daughter's eyes. Always works hard, never complains and ready to join in the million things I have planned for us when he's home. Spends every waking hour with our bub and kicks me out the house to have time to myself. Sends me flowers to cheer me up when he's away and always calls me as soon as he reaches his room after work every night. He's my knight in shining armour and can't wait to marry him in 4 weeks! Love him to bits and couldn't live without him xxx" - Patricia Mercieca 

"I think my husband is such an amazing man to me and daddy to our 4 kiddies who are 1,3,5 and 8 years. He is away 9 nights and home 5 nights but when home is 100% all about being there for us, hanging out, playing and loving his children and helping me with all house duties. He is amazing and is loved so deeply by his kids because he puts in so much effort and time and love into them and although away, they never ever feel that he is far away and always feel loved. He is awesome." - Samantha Anderson Launer 

"He is a champ as he looks after me, my 2 daughters and our son. Wonderful man xxx" - Lisa Azzopardi 

"He loves us with all his heart." - Lucky Megan 

"My DIDO hubby is truly amazing... He works away from me and his two special needs children, half of the year so he can not only provide for us financially but also with lots of time at home... When he is off, he's never sitting on the couch, he helps me in every way and often stays home from functions just so I can go and have some respite.. He also knows I love my teaching career so helps me to keep things running smoothly - just because he knows I love it. He truly is the most dedicated father and husband anyone could wish for... He won't be home yet again for Father's Day so we will do ours the following weekend. - Kylie Raymond 

"My man is my champion, the best partner and father anyone could ask for, he will be away for Father's day this year, but that's okay because he always tells me that just having us in his life is enough and not to get him anything ... he's a champion in so many ways I could fill this feed with each one but I won't because some of those things are just for us what I will say is his loyalty to his family is unbreakable, he works FIFO 4:2 and never moans, he works harder than anyone I know so that we can have this life, we never want for anything and he will always put us first, I'm lucky to be marrying my best friend and the love of my life." - Bex Hankinson 

"Our FIFO Daddy is a champion because he sacrifices being with us everyday to go away and work hard to provide a better life for me and our 4 year old son!! We are grateful for all he does for us xx" - Alexandra Douglas 

"My partner and father of our 3 beautiful children is no more special then any of the other mining families' CHAMPION! men out there. These hard working, selfless, giving, men and fathers who choose to work away from home to provide a better life for his family are a breed all of their own. Father's Day and every day we should salute these wonderful people.....thank you to our FIFO Champion for all that you are and that you do to keep our family happy. X" - Kiri Nash 

"I'm a FIFO mining woman have been for 10 years and my partner too. He is away for Father's Day some of the disappointments we face but to give your family the life you want we do make sacrifices!" - Leanne May 

"He has worked FIFO for 10 years and has done so to give us a great lifestyle and allow me to be able to stay home and raise our 4 beautiful girls. We love him to bits." - Belinda Spokes 

"Because he sacrifices his own time to not only work hard for us but he also mentors and teaches others. He is always there for everyone else and he spends most of his time alone as he is a contractor FIFO. This is his first Father's Day in 5 years that he hasn't been with us. He is amazing xx" - Kellie Carroll 

"The mining man in my family is a champion because that's exactly what he is - A CHAMPION! Most amazing man I have or will ever know!!" - Belinda Huxham 

"He sacrifices a lot to work so hard to make life easier for us. And makes the most of our time we get to spend with each other. He is an amazing partner and dad." - Nicole Batten 

"He works very hard 12/13-hr shifts, 7 days a week and all to give us a better life and seldom complains." - Ann Barry 

"This is his 4th Father's Day away from his children. He has never spent Father's Day with his kids as a chef he was always working it in a restaurant and now on the rigs and he does this so I can stay home and raise our children. We understood that he would miss out on precious days but also knew we would spend a lot more days together that are just as special! He works so hard to keep everyone happy at home and at work, long hours, extra weeks away... Love him to bits." Chan Ansell 

And it's only right that we give the final word to a miner: "Travelling home now myself. Busting to see my wife & kids! Father's Day is every day I'm home."