Consolidate your super for a wealthier retirement

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From the experts at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing

If you’ve had more than one job, chances are you have more than one super fund. Read on to find out why spending 10 minutes combining your super into one value-for-money fund could mean more dollars to spend in your retirement.

Plan for a wealthier retirement

Almost one third of Australians believe they won’t have enough money for a comfortable retirement1. While there are several ways to boost your super, such as putting extra money in, one of the easiest is to transfer your multiple super accounts into one value-for-money fund, such as Mine Wealth + Wellbeing.

By not paying multiple fees to different funds, you’ll have more money to invest for your retirement.

Keep up with your super

Having fewer funds makes managing your super easier. You save time, receive less paperwork and you’re less likely to lose track of your super.

Troy O’Leary, Fitter for Anglo Coal Callide Mine, Biloela, says "it’s worth consolidating to stay on top of everything. You have everything in the one fund. It’s all there and you don’t have to work it all out."

Sticking with one quality fund

While having only one fund generally makes good sense, what makes even more sense is having your super in one award winning, value for money fund like Mine Wealth + Wellbeing. At Mine Wealth + Wellbeing we:

  • Provide access to sound information and support through newsletters and alerts, regular seminars and workshops in local communities, access to financial education through The Gym, a financial literacy website and our user-friendly member website.
  • Provide insurance especially designed for miners and people in mining communities. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive automatic total and permanent disability, death and terminal illness and income protection insurance. Members can apply for additional insurance to ensure adequate protection.
  • Help members secure their future with solid and consistent long term performance2
  • Engage Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Financial Advice to provide you with free telephone advice about investing and contributing to your super. More personalised advisory services start at $220.
  • Are non-profit, so all profit is returned to members, where it belongs!
  • Charge fees that are 31% cheaper than the industry average on a $50,000 account balance3
  • Deliver benefits beyond super. We’ve aligned with mining community health insurance provider Westfund and Maritime Mining & Power Credit Union, helping members choose providers they can trust. Our employees also volunteer on work time to help local charities and raise funds for special appeals close to their heart.
  • Are a public offer fund, so you can stay with us even if you change jobs by giving your new employer a ‘Choosing your super fund’ form
  • Offer an account-based pension where you can invest your super once you retire and continue enjoying the benefits of Mine Wealth + Wellbeing membership.

Before taking action, we recommend you seek financial advice

Before transferring money from another super fund into Mine Wealth + Wellbeing, you should ask if the other fund will charge any fees for leaving and whether you’ll lose any insurance benefits. You can transfer existing insurance to Mine Wealth + Wellbeing before you close your other fund so you maintain the same level of cover.

1Choice consumer spending survey, June 2009
2Past performance isn’t necessarily an indication of future performance.
3SuperRatings Fundamentals report, June 2013

More information

If you have any questions or need help with making contributions, call us on 13 MINE (13 64 63), Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (AEST or ADST when in operation) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Not a Mine Wealth + Wellbeing member? You’re welcome to join and enjoy access to this advice service to get on track and start making confident financial choices.

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