Q&A: Should FIFO workers get better superannuation contributions?

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Q: I have a superannuation question ... my problem is that I don't understand why our partners/family/friends are working so hard now and their employer contributions to super do not reflect this? My husband works about 11-12 hours per day (as per shift requirements) for 28 days, then has a break. Yet on his time sheets, it states that he has a standard 36-hour week, so super is only paid on this. Don't these men and women (well any shift worker required to work above a standard week's working hours) deserve to have their employer's super contributions reflect the long, hard hours worked away and sometimes in the middle of nowhere in the most intolerable conditions and weather? And without salary sacrifice, in some instances they are no better off than someone that works a 9-5 job when it comes time to retire?

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing: There are many miners and shift workers around the country who would probably agree with your view on this issue. However, the Australian Tax Office has stipulated that Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) MUST be used to calculate the minimum Super Guarantee (SG). As at 1 July 2015, this is 9.5 per cent of an employee’s OTE. The ATO describes OTE as generally what employees earn for their ordinary hours of work. This can include:

  • Over-Award Payments
  • Certain bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Shift-Loading, and
  • Certain allowances

Currently, if you are aged 50 and over, you can make before-tax (concessional) contributions of up to $35,000 per financial year. If you are under the age of 50 you can make before-tax contributions of up to $30,000 per annum. It’s important to remember, concessional contributions include your Superannuation Guarantee and Salary Sacrifice contributions.

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