Make your money work as hard as you do!

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By the experts at Crawford Property Group

FIFO workers put in the hard yards in the mining industry to reap the financial rewards. But is your hard-earned cash working hard for you?

If you’re sick of not having much to show for your work, concerned about a bumpy economy and unsure of what the future holds, then it’s time to take action.

Create the financial security and dream lifestyle you have always wanted and put your salary to work!

The first step to financial freedom starts with making some decisions. Choosing where to invest your cash can seem daunting. So keep it simple. There’s good reason why so many Australians have chosen property as their investment of choice.

Why choose property?

  • It’s easy to understand: we ‘get’ how property works
  • It’s one of the most stable investments: it’s historically less volatile than shares
  • You have complete control over the management of your asset: unlike shares, you have the power to improve it and increase its value
  • You can use the power of gearing to maximise returns: you benefit from the capital growth on a $600,000 property but only need to provide the deposit.

Most importantly, property investment has always been a successful way of establishing a strong foundation for wealth creation.

With the potential for capital gains and cash flow, property can grow your wealth quickly, secure your future and improve your day-to-day lifestyle.

What can property investment do for you?

  • Build wealth and secure your future
  • Give you an exit or a ‘plan B’ if times get tough
  • Provide extra cash flow to pay off your mortgage sooner, improve your lifestyle or continue building wealth 
  • Build a passive income and replace your FIFO salary

How can you start benefiting from the power of property investing?

It’s easier than you think. Every day, through education and personalised investment strategies, we help FIFO workers discover the path to financial freedom.

Our simple strategy for success:

Step 1: Set your goals.

What do you want to achieve? More travel? To secure your family’s future? To give up work? Having clear financial goals will help put you on the quickest possible path to reaching your objectives.

Step 2: Assess your current financial situation.

This step will look closely at your financial situation, measure your appetite for risk and evaluate your options. It will also look at the best ways to structure your investments for tax purposes.

Step 3: Develop a customised investment plan for multiple property purchasing.

Your plan will set out how to purchase multiple properties and build a successful portfolio. It will show you how to diversify your portfolio across different markets to reduce risk and benefit from capital growth.

Step 4: Access to the best property options.

We will assist you with your property selection. Our property experts source and secure property for you, helping you to discover the hot spot markets and the best products quicker.

Step 5: Asset management.

Your property is your most important asset! Its value must be maintained and maximised. We can assist with property management and securing the best tenants.

Step 6: Ongoing portfolio growth and monitoring.

We will help you regularly review your portfolio and strategy to make sure you remain on track!

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