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Bendigo is undeniably a lovely regional city, with beautiful heritage buildings and leafy Victorian streetscapes. What’s more, for a mining town it’s insanely accessible – just 90 minutes from the great sporting, shopping and cultural mecca of Melbourne.

With a population of 105,000, Bendigo is serviced by major rail and air links, the largest regional hospital in Victoria (plus extensive additional health services), a range of private and public schools and campuses of the Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE and Melbourne’s LaTrobe University.

You’ll find loads of websites on Bendigo, so no need for us to prattle on too much here. Suffice to say, Bendigo’s always been a mining town, with more than 22 million ounces of GOLD! produced since its discovery in 1815. Unity Mining (formerly Bendigo Mining) owns the Kangaroo Flat Mine near Bendigo and also the Henty Gold Mine in Tasmania. 

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"I used to pass through Bendigo a lot for work out of Melbourne. It's a gorgeous regional city with lots to see and do, heaps of transport options to the big smoke and just an hour and a half away by car. I've heard the property market is pretty reasonable too, which isn't always the case in mining towns! Looks like a lovely place to live." 

- Elaine, now in Adelaide

"I've never lived in Bendigo but I did live quite nearby in Ballarat, another regional Victorian city just an hour out of Melbourne. I'd give Ballarat 10 out of 10! It's not a remote mining town, so if your hubby gets a job here just chain him down and don't let him get that moving urge. You will love this place (if you like the cold and occaisional snow). Great shopping, schools, sports, hospitals, etc it's all here... and so close to Melbourne.”     

- Kathryn, now living in Kalgoorlie