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Adelaide FIFO wife and mum Chan Ansell was chatting one day about the lack of a Facebook support group especially for South Australian FIFO workers and their partners.

And then she did something about it — starting a closed "FIFO Adelaide" Facebook page that's attracted more than 170 members in the past six months.

"Queensland and WA have heaps of support groups, but there wasn't much for SA," Chan says. "So I was sitting down one day and thought 'why not start one – if it goes somewhere, great. If not, all good'!  

"If I can help just one person feel like they have some support and someone who cares, I'm happy ... and quite a few of the members have said they trust the group more then their own friends."

The FIFO Adelaide Facebook page aims to support both FIFO workers and families. Through the local FIFO Families group, they organise monthly meets in southern, central and northern Adelaide, while Facebook page members also catch up each week for coffee.

"My husband is a FIFO chef on a 3:3 roster in Darwin and we have two beautiful bubbas aged three and one," Chan says.

"We have been a FIFO family for just under two years. Fly-out day would be the part I dislike the most, but as hubby was working 12+ hours, six days a week in a 'normal' job, we find that this is a lot more family friendly." 

Chan's advice for anyone new to FIFO?

"Do what's best for you and your family. Don't listen to all the negatives. Join a group of supportive people and keep busy. We were often told I would never cope with hubby being away, but we love it. It works for us."

To join Chan's group, search for "FIFO Adelaide" on Facebook and request to become a member.

Other support groups across Australia

  • FIFO Connections (Brisbane)
  • FIFO Wives Club - Cairns
  • The Australian Mining Partners Group
  • FIFO/DIDO South-West Support Group in Western Australia: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Here's our article on the group: Helping families to connect in southwest WA)
  • In many areas of Australia, also runs support groups.

If you've started a support group for mining and resources families in your area, tell us about it and we'll help you to spread the word.