Miners' Promise - supporting families rocked by workplace accidents

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Miners' Promise was established as a not-for-profit legacy organisation in 2010, and aims to ease the burden on families whose loved ones are involved in workplace accidents.

A driving force behind the organisation is Helen Fitzroy, who faced the emotional and financial hardship of unexpectedly losing her husband Steve in a workplace accident in 1991.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of stories from other families – and the clear need for better support services – Helen decided to create Miners' Promise.

"Through the generosity of others we strive to ease the burden on our families, no matter what their circumstances," Helen says. 

The main role of Miners' Promise is to support Australian resources sector workers and families in the event of an illness, injury or death. However, they also have a team of dedicated professionals to assist with everyday challenges such as financial and legal advice and professional support. 

As a charitable organisation, their major source of income is generated from men and women within the Australian resources sector who regularly contribute to Miners' Promise. They also gratefully accept financial and non-financial support from individuals and organisations through sponsorship and donations.

Miner's Promise is open to all employees either directly or indirectly involved in the Australian resources sector. (You don’t have to be working on a mine site - you just have to be employed within the sector.) The Miner's Promise team also pledges to assist immediate families too.

For further information please visit their website: www.minerspromise.org.au

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