Free online program helping children tackle anxiety

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Lots of parents in mining and resources worry that the lifestyle might increase the likelihood of anxiety in their children, particularly when rosters involve FIFO, DIDO or shift work.

So we thought we'd tell you about BRAVE - a new online self-help course that's be proven to help prevent and treat anxiety in young people aged between eight and 17.

The program, which uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, includes up to 10 sessions for children or young people. Parents can also take part in a separate program to learn ways to help their children manage anxiety and participants can come back at any time for refreshers. Parents can complete the program together with, or independently of, their child and not everyone will need to do all sessions.

The program was developed by experts from Griffith University, The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and The University of Queensland, in consultation with UniQuest Pty Limited.

"The program is fun, interactive and can be completed at your own pace," says USQ Researcher Dr Sonja March. "Trials and evaluation of the BRAVE program have shown young people who use it notice a significant improvement in their anxiety, and many are able to overcome their worries.”

For more information, or to access the program, please visit

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