Bang on a beanie to support brain injury awareness

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In 2011 Synapse, in association with Brain Injury Associations across Australia, began work on transforming an invisible disability into a very visible one. Each year their success has grown.

Acquired Brain Injury, or ABI, refers to the multiple disabilities arising from any damage to the brain that occurs after birth. Common causes of ABI include accidents, violence, stroke, infection, alcohol and other drug abuse, and degenerative neurological disease.

And it’s widespread, affecting more 1.6 million Australians (including many in mining and resources). Statistically that’s more than one in 12. Each year, around twice as many people are diagnosed with ABI than breast cancer.

The BANGONABEANIE (BOAB) Campaign - running from 12-18 August 2013 - encourages people to buy and proudly wear the blue BOAB beanie in support of the national Brain Injury Awareness Week.

When you bang on a beanie, you actively support anyone living with ABI. If you're worried about 'beanie hair', you can simply make a donation at

All profits from the campaign go towards improving essential services for people living with ABI, including basic things like accommodation and support during the most crucial stage of recovery - the post injury period.

Companies can also get involved by promoting the campaign to their workforce or selling BANGONABEANIE merchandise.

For further information visit

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