Be Happy Cards enhance emotional resilience in children

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As MiningFM's resident psychologist Angie Willcocks often says, it's actually possible to boost our levels of happiness.

Now, two experts in positive psychology have come together to create a beautiful set of 33 flash cards aimed at building levels of happiness and emotional resilience in children.

Adelaide-based psychologist Jane Dodding and registered mental health nurse Diane McBain say their Be Happy Cards use scientifically proven techniques to promote emotional and physical wellbeing, resilience and ultimately happiness.
"We wanted to help parents to give their children a head start with the skills and habits that will enhance and strengthen their resilience to life’s inevitable ups and downs," Ms Dodding says.  "This will help them to bounce back better from disappointment or stress, and our Be Happy Cards show practical and fun ways to do this with ease."
So what does our own psychologist Angie Willcocks think?

"These Be Happy cards are designed to be used with children aged five and up, but in my opinion they’re great for adults as well," she says.

"We’ve been having great fun with the activities outlined on the cards in our house and I highly recommend them as a fun way to introduce your family to positive psychology."

The cards, priced at $39.95 plus postage and handling, come with a beautiful little guide book providing extra information about the concepts, and a series of tips to help you get the most from the activities.

For more information or to buy the cards, visit

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