Beyondblue is building Australia's biggest shed - the Shed Online

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The Shed Online is a new website that aims to replicate all the positive things men get from being in their own sheds or in a community Men's Shed.

Its inspiration comes from the 400 Men's Sheds which are thriving Australia-wide.

null"In those sheds, in towns across the country, men can get together, work on projects shoulder to shoulder, learn new skills and if they feel comfortable, they can talk to one another about light-hearted or more serious issues," says Chairman of beyondblue: the national depression initiative The Hon Jeff Kennett.

The Shed Online aims to give men who don't have a local Men's Shed the opportunity to be part of a community, to socialise, make new friends and maybe, work on a project together. Launched in December 2010, there are now more than 1000 registered members.

"The Shed Online ticks all those boxes, but instead of happening in a real shed, it's happening in a virtual shed, over the internet," Mr Kennett says. "We know that being isolated and feeling lonely may contribute to depression and that untreated depression is a risk factor for suicide, especially in men.

"We also know that men are reluctant to seek help for both physical and mental health problems. In The Shed Online, there'll be easy-to-access health information that men otherwise may not come across."

Visit The Shed Online and you'll find discussions on hobbies, sport, DIY projects, and a range of health and lifestyle topics; plus activities and news, and information on what’s happening in community Men's Sheds across Australia.

Joining up and joining in is easy and it’s FREE – simply visit and register to become a member, and then you can take part in the discussion forums.

The Shed Online is a joint project of beyondblue and the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA), and is funded by The Movember Foundation.

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