Australian principals back parenting e-course

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Up to a quarter of Australian parents want to learn parenting skills online, according to a recent report by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

And Parentshop's Talk Less Listen More e-course helps them to do just that, with practical advice developed by experts.

We've promoted the e-course on Mining Family Matters before, but now the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA) has teamed up with Parentshop to bring online parenting education to primary school communities across the country. Under the partnership, APPA has negotiated a discounted price to enrol, as well as a free introductory lesson.

APPA President, Norm Hart, says that making the e-course widely available was critical. "I am excited by what will be achieved by schools and parents working together in this way. As a parent and school principal, I know that support in bringing up children is vital," he says.

"Talk Less Listen More is an excellent parent education program and a valuable resource for schools to bring to parents and carers when they need help."

In the course, parents learn how to: 

  • teach children self-control – to manage their emotions and control their behaviour (by applying their mental brakes and responding more in line with the issue)
  • build children’s emotional maturity and resilience for social and academic success (by developing children's ability to self-regulate)
  • deal effectively with a child’s ‘meltdown’ quietly and calmly
  • connect emotionally with their children and build family bonds

"At the heart of what we do is the ability to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and families,' says Michael Hawton, psychologist and author of the Talk Less Listen More book and e-course. 

Parents can find out more about the Talk Less Listen More e-course through their local primary school principal or by visiting

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