Easternwell plates up a new workforce healthy eating program

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Easternwell, one of Australia’s leading drilling and well servicing companies, has overhauled its camp menus to encourage employees to eat more vegies and less red meat.

And after just six months, the healthy lifestyle program is already reaping rewards, with vegetable consumption increasing by 10 per cent and red meat decreasing by the same amount. Seafood consumption has increased by five per cent and chicken has increased by 10 per cent.

Easternwell Camp Management General Manager Marco Waanders says while many employees regard their health as good or excellent, a high number are still interested in improving their health through eating better food.

"Workers on camps and rigs encounter many barriers to choosing healthy options. Being away from home and the family support network can sometimes result in a lack of motivation to eat well. So we have been working hard to not only dish-up healthier food options, but provide the knowledge and encouragement about how to live a healthier life," Marco says.

Terry Sanders, from the Easternwell Santos Mobile Camp in Injune, says he’s noticed a difference in his health since the program was implemented.

"My health is incredibly important to me - but being away from home, I had gotten into the habit of choosing the 'sometimes' meal choices a little too often. It is easy to add a side of chips or have an extra helping of desert, because I can," Terry says. "It can get pretty tough to stay motivated to eat well when you’re out on roster. When I go to fill up my dinner plate, there are so many delicious yet healthy options to choose from now. And when I see the person in front of me skip the potato bake and opt for a steamed potato instead, I am reminded that I should do the same as well."

The program, which took two years to develop in conjunction with RHealth Limited, promotes healthy eating to employees through implementing health-based initiatives such as eating more vegetables, white meats and fish, reducing sugar intake and increasing water intake during the summer months.

Easternwell has also just started a campaign to assist staff to quit smoking and provide them with free nicotine replacement products and organised counselling sessions with the Quit line. The campaign is also available to immediate family members.

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