Bags and swags fit for FIFO workers

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Geraldton's John and Gabrielle Andrews have been in the swag and upholstery business for more than 30 years – and still get excited by some of the orders that come through.

A perfect example was a random call from guy a while back. He'd been given one of their Murchison River travel bags and a supersize swag for his 18th birthday - back in the early 1990s - and was still so impressed with the quality that he wanted to buy another bag.

As a FIFO worker, he was keen to know if they could design a smaller bag for overnight and overhead luggage on planes.

And as the mum of FIFO workers, Gabrielle was very keen to help out.

"No problem!" she said, before designing a 'mini me' version of their popular canvas Murchison River Travel Bag. 

When she rang back with a price, the guy ordered 65! He said he was now a manager for Rio Tinto in Tom Price and wanted to give one of the bags to each of his workers for reaching a major LTI Free (lost time injury free) milestone.

So Gabrielle printed up some Rio Tinto cloth labels and sewed them on every bag, below each worker's name. (The bags and Gabrielle's husband John are pictured above.)

Murchison River Bags and Swags have been been making their handy overnight bags ever since - often for FIFO workers across Australia. They offer a free service of stenciling a name or nickname and phone number on their swags or bags, which they say suits FIFO workers who are so often on the move.

"We recently heard that a young FIFO guy flew into Singapore, picked up his Murchison River Bag from the carousel and realised it wasn't his bag because it had another guy's name stenciled on the side," Gabrielle said. "They are certainly getting around!" 

Gabrielle and John are both qualified upholsterers and their Murchison River products are made from only Australian-made canvas. The military-grade material is made with Australian-grown cotton and is water and rot proof, shrink resistant and mildew proof. 

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