Caltex in the community

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Caltex, one of our generous Mining Family Matters sponsors, supports a variety of organisations, events and programs in communities where the company operates.

From schools to sporting clubs, environmental projects to emergency services, Caltex believes it's important to stay in touch with neighbours and remain committed to their own backyard.

The Caltex corporate sponsorship program looks to partner with a select group of Australian organisations, like the Clontarf Foundation and Conservation Volunteers. These organisations share Caltex values and leverage the company's support to make a real difference in the community.

Through Conservation Volunteers, Caltex people work on important environmental and wildlife conservation projects around Australia. The company also supports the Wild Futures program, which is making a measurable difference to the future of Australia's most treasured animals.

At a recent Wild Futures event, Caltex Business Manager Tracy van Heer was thrilled to be on hand to witness the release of the critically endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot into the wild, after being cared for at Melbourne Zoo. (The little bandicoot is pictured above - cute!)

"I'm proud to work for a company that encourages volunteering and backs programs like Wild Futures. It's incredibly rewarding to see how Caltex's support has helped these little bandicoots live in their natural habitat," Tracy said. 

Other great company initiatives:

Australian families often tell us what they really want (from mining companies). If you know of a great company initiative - either for employees or the local community - please tell us about it.