The six secrets to keeping your FIFO worker happy

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FIFO can be hard on any relationship, but it can also keep the good times alive. Sure, there’s the sadness of farewell, but there’s always lots of excitement when you’re all back together again.

Take it from me: Vanessa in Jakarta on a roving mum's guide to keeping her chappies happy

Many FIFO wives and partners become super independent, as their man (and yes, we know we're generalising, but in around 80 per cent of cases it is a man!) is not around to help with running the household day-to-day, or when something goes wrong. This can be a real trap, though, because don't we all like to feel needed?

Here’s six sure-fire ways to keep your FIFO partner happy:

  1. Make your partner feel special when they come home by showing a little enthusiasm. Yes, this sometimes takes an effort, especially when you’ve had a crappy day yourself, but the rewards can be big, because it makes them feel missed.
  2. Ask questions about his job. Take the time to talk (and more importantly, to listen) so your partner feels that you’re interested in what their time away has been like.
  3. Let him have a sleep-in on his first morning home (or if you have children, perhaps make it the second morning, as kids are often way too excited that first morning).
  4. Give him a bit of space for that first half a day after his return home. Let him settle back and unwind into home life for a few hours (before you hit him with all those jobs). This, of course, goes both ways – so after you’ve shown him a bit of leniency he must also do the same for you (by recognising that you have been home alone with the children and so you too need some time to yourself). But if you make the effort, he’s much more likely to reciprocate.
  5. Once a month, book a babysitter or the grandparents and go out on a date together. If you don’t have family and you’re on a budget, try coming to a reciprocal agreement with close friends to swap free babysitting duties. It’s important to have a date night every once in a while.
  6. Cook his favourite meal or make sure he has some of the things he likes waiting in the fridge when he gets home. Feed the kids early at least one night that he’s home, and have a quiet dinner for two once they are in bed.
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