Mining Families Rock

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 Mining Families Rock


Mining Families Rock is the world's first self-help book for mining families!

Written and published by the Mining Family Matters team (mining mum Alicia Ranford, psychologist Angie Willcocks and journalist Lainie Anderson) the 176-page book expands on our highly successful Survival Guide for Mining Families. It offers comprehensive support and professional advice to families overcoming the challenges of fly-in/fly-out, drive-in/drive-out and living in isolated mining communities.

If you're not yet part of the mining boom but want the industry to be a part of your family's future, this book's for you, too. Our bonus section offers loads of practical advice on where to start when you're after a job in mining/resources and what to expect from life on a mine site.

We haven't forgotten the positive side of life in mining either: we offer a few timely reminders and personal testimonials on why mining works for so many families across Australia.

Media coverage and reader testimonials for Mining Families Rock!
Read the review by AustralianMining magazine (It's on page 10.)

Priced at $12 (with FREE postage in Australia*) Mining Families Rock tackles 70 key topics, all in an easy-to-read format for busy families. Chapters include:

  • Staying connected when you work away
  • Helping children (from toddlers to teens) cope with FIFO and DIDO
  • How to cope when you're missing your kids
  • Using time wisely on precious days together
  • The secrets to great communication
  • Rebooting your sex life in a mining marriage
  • Beating the 'black day' blues
  • What to do when alcohol becomes an issue
  • Building a new life in a mining town
  • Increasing resilience in your kids
  • Making your mining cash count
  • Mine site lingo, camp etiquette and what to pack for your first shift

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