The Survival Guide for Mining Families (second edition)

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"Everyone here is simply fascinated with the guides."

"The guide is absolutely incredible. What an excellent resource."

"The guides have been really well received – people were extremely grateful for and surprised by the valuable insights. I would strongly recommend the guides and the Mining Family Matters website for everyone who travels for work."

- Feedback on our Survival Guides from Australian and international companies.

The Survival Guide for Mining Families (second edition) is an invaluable resource tool for mining companies. It features comprehensive information to boost the emotional resilience of workers, while also keeping their relationships strong and happy.

Our original Survival Guide for Mining Families was launched in April 2011 and we've since sold nearly 120,000 copies to companies across Australia and around the world.

The updated, 32-page guide contains key Mining Family Matters advice from psychologist Angie Willcocks, as well as practical ideas to improve parenting, relationship and life skills. It's recommended for use as an induction tool for new employees and also to reinforce support for existing workers. 

The launch of the second edition coincides with our new partnership with Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Networks. Together we've created the Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program to deliver expert workshops aimed at building emotional resilience and helping to prevent suicide among workers in the resources sector. Our guides are a perfect accompaniment to the workshops.

Chapters in the second edition include:

  • Identifying stress and depression
  • Overcoming stress, anxiety and sadness
  • Boosting your workplace resilience
  • Knowing your mental health first aid
  • Overcoming loneliness and making friends
  • Helping children to cope when you work away
  • Simple ways to stay connected
  • Making your money work
  • Parenting on the same page

Prices for The Survival Guide for Mining Families are listed below. Co-branding opportunities are also available: many companies have branded the guide with their corporate logo and colours.  

(For companies outside mining, please check out our generic version of the guide. It's designed for all employees who work away, regardless of the industry, and it's called Working Away: A Survival Guide for Families. For oil and gas employees, see our third booklet, The Survival Guide for Families in Oil & Gas.)



 1-49 copies

 $6 each (postage included)


 $200 total + GST/postage


 $370 + GST/postage


 $1750 + GST/postage


 $3200 + GST/postage

If you'd like to order 1-3 copies, please use the PayPal link below.


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