Feedback (we love it!)

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We receive heaps of great feedback at Mining Family Matters. Thanks to all those who've written in with kind words of support (and the odd bit of constructive criticism!)  Here are just a few messages...

"I'd just like to send you my congratulations on a fantastic site! I stumbled across you when reading the Mining Chronicle and I just had to jump on and have a look. Your page for business minded mums was really helpful as my managing director is just such a mum and any help I can provide on the marketing front benefits us both. I've purchased the 'Marketing with no Money' book on your recommendation. Best of luck with the site, I'm sure there are a lot of mining families out there that will be very grateful for your insights, and if I can ever point anyone in your direction, I will be sure to do so. Congratulations and all the best!" - Caitlin, Perth

"I would just like to thank you for setting up this website. I have found that no-one really understands the lifestyle unless you are in the industry. Our family has moved around and know the challenges that you face when you start afresh in a new town. My husband, who is a senior geologist, is now doing FIFO on a 9/5 roster and has been for just over a year. We have two children who are nearly four and 14-months-old and knowing that there is somewhere I can go to chat, find information etc is a great comfort. Thank you so much." - Kimberly, South Australia

"Fantastic website girls! Although I am not a miner's wife, I know many women that are in isolated areas, mining towns, outback communities and stations that will benefit from all of your information and support!" - Jacinta, Port Augusta

"This is a great idea - well done ladies!" - Bel, South Australia

"Congratulations to you on this wonderful site, it has given me an insight as to the mining life. I’m a newie to this ... thank you." Debbie