Women in resources

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It's estimated that women account for less than 20 per cent of Australia's mining and resources workforce, compared with around 40 per cent of the workforce in general. But considering mining is generally thought of as a pretty 'blokey' kind of industry, that's not such a bad figure. Mining Family Matters is keen to celebrate all women in mining, oil and gas - both the mums and girlfriends who hold down the home front (and often their own full-time jobs!) and also those women who are out in the field, doing the FIFO/DIDO thing or working in company headquarters.

For mums who are interesting in getting into mining, or already doing the FIFO thing, check out some words of wisdom from our psychologist Angie Willcocks.

Testimonials and tips from women at the coalface:

We'd also love to hear your story: how you entered the industry, why it works for you and any advice you can offer to other women keen to be a part of Australia's mining boom. Tell us about it...