FIFObids connects worker CVs with companies

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We all know how the employment market works, right? You search the job ads, not necessarily knowing how much you'll be paid or what the conditions are like, and you send in your application along with countless others. Well, here's a concept that turns the traditional job-seeker model on its head. To tell us all about it, we spoke to FIFObids co-founders Antonluigi Gozzi and Mike Haywood...

Q: Can you tell us about the concept behind FIFObids?
We created FIFObids with the dream of empowering workers and helping to solve the skills shortage in Australia. Our aim is to make the current labour market more transparent, efficient and fair and give workers the opportunity to find roles that are better suited to their families, lifestyle and pay conditions.

The site extends to all resources and construction industries and caters also to those working in cities, who do not wish to travel. Actually the site has functionality for all industries and professions.

Q: How does it differ from other recruitment sites?

A: We post the CVs of job seekers on the net so they can be quickly found via Google and other search engines. Companies and recruiters can then search for your skills and read your CV! It’s a huge, immediate talent pool for industry headhunters.

Q: So how has the concept been received by workers and companies?

A: The platform has changed significantly since we launched in early 2012, and now connects more than 500 workers to companies every month via their online CVs. The use of online CVs is a growing trend in the mining industry, with more and more savvy job seekers increasing their visibility by creating personalised digital CVs in a bid to get the job of their dreams. As of April 2013, there are 40,000 workers signed up to FIFObids.

Q: What are the major benefits for both companies and individuals?
A: Individuals can see many diverse opportunities personally available to them; they can find a job that’s better suited to their family and lifestyle, as well as better pay conditions.
Companies and recruiters can find workers much more easily too. They can log on at anytime and find employees instantly, and be more certain of retaining them as their needs are already matched.

Q: Would you recommend "newbies" looking to get into the industry register?

A: Yes, certainly. The site provides opportunities for all workers and will empower everyone to find a role better suited to their skill sets and needs. It helps people skill-up, and choose their career path with more certainty, based on up-to-date market data.

Q: Is there a cost involved?
No, it’s free for all employees to create their profiles and receive job offers.

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