Climbing the industry ladder

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It's fair to say that climbing the industry ladder relies on much the same savvy in any sector. But just to hammer home the point, here are 10 tips we've gleaned from mining executives already hanging out near the top.

  1. Get to work before your boss and leave afterwards.*
  2. Be willing to give anything a go.
  3. Develop a positive attitude to work and the challenges that arise.
  4. Be available and flexible.*
  5. Be the best in your area/job/class.
  6. Stay away from office/workplace politics.
  7. Do not enter into negative gossip or attitudes.
  8. Take an active role in workplace discussions re safety, production or construction.
  9. Ask to be trained in other tasks, equipment and roles etc.
  10. Discuss your career plans with your supervisor/manager. If they don't see your point of view or help you to get where you want to go within a certain timeframe, change jobs.

* And yes, we note that certain tips on reaching the top aren't exactly mining family-friendly.

Got some advice or personal experiences that might help others climb the mining employment ladder? We'd love to hear from you...