Mining Family Matters’ tips on finding a job in mining, oil and gas

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Itchy feet? About to finish your university degree? Got a hankering to live and work closer to family and friends? Or ready to take the next step up the career ladder? Whatever the reason, finding a new job in any industry can be daunting.

Fortunately, Australia's burgeoning mining sector has spawned a raft of recruitment companies eager to help you find that perfect job. And they'll do a lot of the hard yakka for you. You just provide details on your skills, experience and job interests, and they'll contact you with anything they think might suit. (And of course, they display current vacancies on their websites as well.)

Therese Lardner: Australia's best online resources for landing a job in mining, oil or gas


One of the leaders in Aussie mining recruitment is Mining People International – you’ll find the company profiled below. They can link professionals to employment opportunities across Australia and around the world. Another international recruiter is Cowan International, a Canadian-based company that's been in the business since 1954.

But when they're not turning to recruitment companies to find top-notch employees, where do mining companies head to find staff? Mining Family Matters spoke to a couple of company recruiters to find out…

Online job boards

Not surprisingly given the internet revolution, most jobs are no longer advertised in the major metropolitan newspapers. These days, company recruiters head straight to Seek when they need professional staff. The site still dominates the electronic job market, but CareerOne, Mycareer and Careerjet are working hard to build market share in the mining industry, so it's always worth checking out their offerings too.

A great resources-specific job website to check out is

The major mining 'houses' don’t even advertise all positions on the online job sites, but instead promote employment opportunities on their company websites. So keep a check on the big guys like BHP, Fortesque and Rio Tinto.

Specialist sites and publications like Engineering Jobs also or Australian Mine Safety, for OHS, also advertise positions for specific professionals.

For tradesmen and labourers, recruiters often advertise in regional and community newspapers, to attract workers located near the mine site. So if you want to live in a particular regional city or town it might be worth your while subscribing to the local paper.

For specific information on finding a resources job in South Australia, visit


Recruiters also often turn to contract mining firms like Leighton Contractors and Macmahon (mining and civil construction), Downer EDI Mining and Abigroup (engineering and construction) and Skilled (trades and maintenance) – all of whom have staff on their books for work across Australia. (Want a career in resources? Downer Mining explains what to consider and expect.)

LinkedIn is the most popular professional online networking site for mining recruiters and executives in Australia – not used massively for job ads yet but increasingly used to promote specialist positions. By registering (it’s free) you can establish a professional profile online, keep in touch with past and present colleagues and learn of any job opportunities promoted by other members.

Show initiative

Then of course there's the old cold call. Most mining companies will gladly accept CVs from prospective employees and keep them on file for a later date – recruiters in some of the smaller companies will even come down to the front office for a chat if you deliver your resume personally. It might not lead to a job overnight, but at least you'll show initiative (a desirable trait in any job).

For students in particular, recruiters encourage initiative and networking ahead of graduation. Large mining companies often tap into specific university courses to secure the best prospective recruits – the remainder are left to fight for available jobs when they've got their piece of paper. (Here's more on getting the most out of mining and resources graduate programs.)

For the Mining Family Matters insider's guide on getting into mining and working up the industry ladder, check out our 'Getting into mining' page.

And please let us know if you’ve got any other ideas for finding a job in mining. We’d love to pass on the information to others. Just click here.

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