A new mum's naughtiest fantasy: snuggling, lounging and relaxing

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Sarah Long arrived in Australia from the UK in early 2010 and met her Mr Miner soon after. They're based on the NSW Central Coast and he does drive-in, drive-out (DIDO) to country NSW. Sarah came out to Oz as part of a six-month backpacking trip around the world, and never went home!

I have previously been known to talk about sex in this column and I’m about to share my naughtiest fantasy...

Sometimes when I’m alone I lie back and imagine what it would feel like to have a partner who’s home all the time. (Naughty, right?)

See, I love what we have now, but wouldn’t it be wonderful? All that time together doing whatever you like. Someone to share everything with. Long walks together on the beach, cooking meals together, snuggling in front of the TV, going on dinner dates.

I fantasize about Sunday mornings cooking breakfast together, lounging and reading the papers, enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine.

I dream of building our home together, Mini Miner in his bouncer, happily smiling and observing as we spend the morning doing DIY projects together.

I imagine walks on the beach in the sunset and candlelit dinners, followed by sex on the kitchen table for dessert.

And at night we would curl up together and get to say goodnight to each other before we fall asleep.

I see normal couples doing these things all the time (well maybe not the sex on the kitchen table part ... but I often see couples together smiling, holding hands, out on date nights or Sunday brunches). I just can’t wait for Mr Miner to come home so we can do all these things ourselves.

But generally I wake up, mid-fantasy, with a start. It’s 4am and Mini Miner is screaming as Mr Miner snores loudly beside me. I drag myself up, fetch the baby (walking into the half-finished DIY project en route) bring him back to the bed and fall back to my deep slumber, dreaming of that breakfast in bed.

Sunday morning arrives and I wake up on the edge of the bed, with a 10-month-old foot in my face, Mr Miner screaming as the owner of the foot inserts his sharp little index finger up nostrils and into eye sockets, giggling maniacally.

I shovel cereal into my mouth while simultaneously coaxing Weetbix into Mini Miner. There is at least coffee and "lounging", also known as lying on the carpet while Mini shreds/chews the paper to pieces because we are both too tired to stop him.

Afterwards we retreat to our own corners in an attempt to finish our half-started DIY projects, while passing Mini between us. Lots of shouting ("No. Stop. Don’t!") and chasing while trying not to get paint/sawdust/general chaos everywhere ensues until we give up and resume lying on the floor with DIY havoc strewn around us.

By dinner time we’re knackered, so we decide to have dinner out (as a treat). And nothing says "romantic dinner" like arriving at a restaurant at 6.30pm and gulping down your food so you're home before your baby cracks it at 8pm.

At least that way we can be in bed by 9pm, collapsed in a heap before we even say goodnight.

Well I did say it was a fantasy, didn’t I? Now all I need is for Mr Miner to go back to work so I can carry on dreaming!

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