The independent woman's tool kit

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Deb Russo is a FIFO wife of the offshore kind. Her husband works on oil rigs and vessels. Typically, he does a four-week-on and four-week-off roster. They've lived their entire 14-year relationship like this. Initially Deb's husband was in the Navy, then he shifted to work in the mines and did the 28/7 roster (Deb's least favourite!) With this offshore roster, though, she wouldn’t change a thing.

"You can't shift that," he said the other morning.

"Yeah okay," is all I said before whispering "I love you" and hanging up.

Then I put on my gym gear and best pluggers (that's what we call thongs in Queensland) and grabbed my trusty sack trolley and shifter ... and off I went to Mum’s house.

She's been living two doors down and was moving out. So of course, a few things needed to be shifted. Now, ordinarily we'd arrange a mover or ask a few friends ... that sort of thing. However, all that remained to be moved were two single beds, three couches and a double bed. To me, that's not much. And I lack patience. By the time I called and waited for someone to help, I reckoned I'd be finished with the dismantling and have it all shifted myself.

So that's what I did.

I do a lot of stuff like this on my own. I change tyres, paint walls, fix mowers, bikes and reno where I can. I am too independent (strong-willed and stupid, some might say) to wait for someone if I think I can do it myself. I'm not afraid of trying anything. I have, however, learnt my limits. I do ask for help when there's a likelihood I might get injured. With hubby away so much, I realise that would be a disaster for everyone.

I have also learnt to invest in good tools to make my independent world easier. So if you're embarking on a FIFO life and needing to be more independent, here's the supplies I'd suggest: 

  • A sack trolley: the best you can afford. It's great for shifting furniture, air conditioners, mowers, trees. So far there isn't anything my sack trolley hasn't shifted.
  • A thick rug: so you can slide heavy furniture without damaging the floor (because on a Saturday night when you're home alone, what else do you do but shift the furniture or help your mother move house?)
  • A hydraulic jack: for changing car tyres. So much easier than a normal jack. Also, ladies and gents, if you drive a car you need to know how to change a tyre. It's not hard.
  • A tool kit containing the basics: hammer, shifter, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, tape measure etc.
  • A first aid kit: and, again, know the basics just in case you drill your fingernail or hammer a finger.

So, with my sack trolley and adjustable wrench, I was done at Mum's in two hours! Plenty of time to don a dress and head to the boys' fancy dress ball. True, I had a broken nail – but the job was done and mum was shifted. 

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