Practical tips for eating out (even in the crib room)

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When you're eating out (or in that gourmet crib room on the mine site!) keeping the kilos at bay can be challenging if you don’t make healthy and low-calorie food choices. Don't let your love of tucker keep you looking and feeling stodgy and overweight - use these practical tips and your waistline and health will thank you for it!

  1. Banish the bread.
  2. Slow down and savour: Remember to eat slowly to allow your brain the time it needs to register you are full. Put you fork down between mouthfuls and savour your meal.
  3. Start with soup or salad: The more you eat of the healthy stuff, the less you will eat of the calorie and fat-laden choices. For soups, go for vegetable or bean-based, the chunkier the better. Avoid any that are cream-based. For salads, the golden rule is to use minimal dressing.
  4. Fill up on extra veggies: Again, a low-calorie food choice.   
  5.  Go for lean protein:Stick with low-fat cuts of meat or chicken. If necessary, you can remove the skin. Fish and shellfish are excellent choices but shouldn’t be crumbed or battered. 
  6. Sauce on the side: Gravies, sauces, and dressings are big traps when you are watching your weight. Use a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice or avoid them altogether.
  7. Finish with fruit: For dessert, fresh fruit (without the ice-cream!) is your best choice. Most other desserts are a dietary disaster. My advice is to avoid dessert or if you must indulge, a couple of spoonfuls with your coffee should get you off the hook with minimal dietary damage!


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Mareike Bout is a qualified and registered personal trainer who specialises in holistic fitness and lifestyle coaching. She is a recognised leader in the industry, receiving the peer-voted South Australia Personal Trainer of the Year award in 2008. She is also a regular guest on <?xml:namespace prefix = st1> Adelaide’s top-rating radio station FIVEaa. Mareike runs her personal training business, One Life Live Well, both online and from a private studio in Adelaide. Services include one-on-one training, outdoor group fitness, lifestyle coaching and weight-loss programs. Individually tailored programs encompass aspects of exercise, nutrition, relaxation, positive thinking, life balance, and goal setting. Her approach is to guide, support and educate her clients so that they posses the tools required to live a life of health, strength and vitality!