Facebook support group comes to the rescue of sick FIFO mum

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Sandy (or 'Auntie', as many people call her) is our FIFO Survivor. Her husband works offshore in oil/gas and they've been together for more than 30 years - many of them as a fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) family. In that time they've raised two beautiful daughters (both now in their 20s) and moved more than 19 times! Sandy wanted to write for Mining Family Matters to show you can survive FIFO.

I recently joined a Facebook support group for FIFO wives and girlfriends in my local area of WA.

We chat about the problems of this crazy life we lead – trying to run a household, work and remain sane.

Early on, we'd had a discussion about membership of the group. It had become apparent that some members were there only to promote their business. And why would someone from Pakistan want to be a member?

Administration took charge. A few members were upset and a few were deleted, but we ended up with a core group who were there to genuinely offer support and advice.

A couple of days later, a post appeared late at night. 

Hi ladies, bit of an emergency here. I've got severe abdo pain and need to go to emergency. Problem is I am here with my 2-yr-old alone and hubby is away. We don't know anyone here. I jut rang emergency and explained and was basically told too bad too sad. Does anyone know of any emergency babysitters?

Before long there were responses of help. But the woman who had posted for help went silent. Concern soon escalated. How could we help when we had no contact information for the person involved?

Through the power of Facebook investigation and phone calls, two amazing women tracked her down – turns out the pain had become so intense that she had called an ambulance. So the women went to the hospital. And when the sick woman concerned had to be transferred to another hospital, one of the women stayed with her until 6am. The other lady took her two-year-old cherub home for the night.

These two amazing angels also got hold of the husband on site.

Days later, the sick woman had to be taken back to the hospital. Yet again offers of help poured in. Shopping, baby sitting, baking.

The Facebook group administrator allowed us to message her privately and list our contact details, including our ICE (in case of emergency) numbers.

Just shows the positive power of Facebook!

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