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Considering the needs of your teens is the key to a great family holiday. The team at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing shows you how...    

The trickiest thing about travelling with kids is how much it changes as they go through different stages. You’d think it would be much easier now that they’re older, but teenagers certainly bring their share of baggage (excuse the pun) along for the ride. When it comes to travelling with teens, it’s all about working together to make a family holiday the best it can be for all of you.

Give them some say in your activities

Teenagers love nothing more than having some control over what they do, so try involving them in as many decisions as you can. Hand over the guidebook, itinerary and other research, and let them get excited about the possibilities.

This could mean making some compromises. For example, one activity might bore them to tears, but the next will be their choice. They might want to take on some ‘cool’ experiences (which are worthy of bragging about to their friends) while you’d rather relax, but keeping them busy could be the key to a happy family holiday.

Although you might be keen to share as much time together as possible, your teenagers might want the occasional piece of space without you or their siblings around. This might be combined with some downtime in between activities, whether that’s relaxing by the pool or watching a movie at your accommodation. Try to keep the bigger picture in mind: a bit of privacy might make for a happier trip overall.

Share some travelling insights

Before too long, your teens will be fully fledged independents who might choose to do some travelling of their own. This is your chance to instil some good advice and travel habits into them, so take your teenagers under your wing and show them the ropes. This could include helping them learn how to navigate their way in unknown places, safety factors to consider, research, and communicating when you don’t know the native language.

Depending on their ages, abilities and your location, you might also choose to give them a little freedom to explore, which will provide them with a small taste of what it’s like to travel without you. As a bonus, they’ll love you for showing some trust. This is your chance to open your teenagers’ world and share the joys of travel.

Make some decisions about the free wi-fi

It’s time to decide whether technology stays or goes. If you decide it needs to stay at home so that you have an uninterrupted family holiday and your teenagers have time unplugged, be prepared for some resistance. If it’s important to you, though, stick to your guns and explain your reasons.

If the technology is coming, do your research ahead of time. Is mobile service available at your destination and accommodation? Share those details with your teenagers – perhaps with a budget or data limit that they can self-manage – and keep an eye on things so you don’t get stung with a horrendous bill on your return. When it comes to free wi-fi, you might need to let them get online to chat with friends so they’re not too anxious about what they’re missing at home.

The third alternative is to find some middle ground. This might include setting some boundaries around family time versus technology time, but a little bit of compromise might work well for you all.

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