Big four challenges for mining families

Missing family events. Staying connected to the kids. Workplace mental health. Keeping the home fires burning. 

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Rio Tinto supports workers affected by family violence

Rio Tinto has introduced a package of initiatives designed to protect and support Australian employees affected by family and domestic violence. 

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Three ways to get involved in charities

Want to boost your wellbeing and meet new people? Try getting involved in a charity. The team at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing shows you how...    

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MAQOHSC funds free counselling access

Mining and quarry workers are being offered free access to professional online counselling in a bid to curb workplace mental health pressures.    

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Reader Question of the month

Help! I've got two tots, a FIFO partner and feel like I'm drowning

My partner works FIFO and we have a baby and a toddler. I have never really had his support, but my household routine goes out the window when he's home. Things are easier when he's not here and I feel so guilty about it. I almost dread him coming home. All we do, it feels, is fight. Then he leaves with more work around the house to catch up on, and then my little girl is a mess the next few days. Where do I even begin to fix this?

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