Want to be more productive and less stressed? Boost your engagement at work

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By Therese Lardner 

You might be hearing more and more about the concept of employee engagement, but this is no "blink and you’ll miss it" fad. Employee engagement is here to stay.

It has been front of mind for researchers for over a decade now, but why would you be interested?

When you are engaged at work, not only does it feel great, but you’re more productive, safer, more satisfied and less stressed.

Anyone who has been following me on Mining Family Matters for the last few years will know that I focus a lot on taking proactive control of your career. I don’t condone the status quo of giving someone else ownership of your career, because in the end it won’t serve you well in terms of access to promotions, meaningful work and challenging projects.

This same focus on proactive control can also apply to your engagement, wellbeing and satisfaction at work – giving 100 per cent ownership of this to your employer is likely to result in something half-baked. Good but not great.

So if we acknowledge that there is a certain amount of responsibility we can take for our own work engagement, wellbeing and satisfaction, what exactly does that look like?

Here are some key strategies and resources for taking control:

Implementing even a few of these strategies can mean a huge boost to your engagement at work. Choose one that you think will make the most impact initially, and get moving!

Therese Lardner is the lead psychologist for Mindset Coaching and Consulting. She's a registered psychologist with extensive experience in all areas of the employment cycle from recruitment and selection to development, employee engagement and career transition. Click here to ask for her expert advice on landing your perfect mining and resources job, moving up the career ladder or dealing with job insecurity.

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