Check out our new section for quarry families

We've created a special new section for Australia's hard-working quarry workers and their families.

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Order your My FIFO Family 2017 planners

Mining Family Matters has partnered with My FIFO Family to celebrate the fifth birthday of their yearly planners.

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Are you pregnant? Does your partner work FIFO?

If the answer to both questions is yes, you're needed for a new study about pregnant FIFO wives and girlfriends. 

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Mates in construction out to lunch for a good cause

Helping out your mates in construction is as easy as having lunch in Adelaide this November.      

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Reader Question of the month

How to help your child cope with FIFO when he's not a great communicator

Hi. Hubby works FIFO, we have young children and I'm pregnant. Our eldest isn't very good at communicating verbally. He has come a long way, but he still isn't at a stage where he can tell me what the matter is, if something is wrong emotionally. In the last month he's started really going off Dad. Doesn't want hugs, doesn't want Dad to tuck him in. I'm really at breaking point. It's so hard not having hubby here to help with these things. Definitely starting to resent him being FIFO.

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