Miners' guide to controlling those kilos

Studies show that FIFO and shift workers are more likely to smoke and be overweight. Not a great mix! Here's how to work long, hard hours AND be healthy...    

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Top three tax-time tips to save you thousands

The Federal Budget has come and gone, and tax time is rolling around again. So what's the lowdown for FIFO families and how can you maximise your income?  

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Train your brain: how to boost your emotional wellbeing

If you're often tempted to take good emotional wellbeing for granted, it's time to train your brain...    

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Reader Question of the month

How do we balance R&R between kids and adults?

Hi there, I am a relatively new DIDO mining wife/mum with two pre-schoolers, and we have made the huge move away from family and friends. My question is, how do we find a balance for our family with this new lifestyle? We're finding that the days when Dad is home are so consumed with family time, and neither of us are having our own time let alone time together! I know it's only early days for us, but I feel that if we don't get some sort of balance there may be long-term effects.

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