FIFO inquiry recommends industry-wide code of practice

Family-friendly rosters and anti-bullying procedures are among a raft of recommendations to come out of a comprehensive WA inquiry into FIFO mental health.    

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How to cope with a FIFO bully

Debate broke out on our Facebook page recently when a FIFO wife asked for advice on bullying at her husband's work site. Food for thought for other workers too...

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Don't 'stop over' in Singapore. Stay and explore!

Not so long ago, Singapore was where you 'stopped over' on your way to exotic global destinations. These days, it's a fabulous destination in its own right...    

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Reader Question of the month

How do I deal with FIFO 'sexpectations' and balance his needs with our normal routine?

How do you deal with a FIFO partner who works away for much of the time and demands sex when he's home, especially when he arrives and departs? It makes sex a chore and expected. How do you get a balance of life when there are kids involved? I feel like I have to drop everything to revolve around him for the week?

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