The Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program

Workers in mining, oil and gas are being armed with information to help prevent suicide under a new partnership between MiningFM and Wesley LifeForce.  

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"Butts" offers financial wisdom for mining workers

NRL legend Tony Butterfield once looked out for young blokes on the footy field. These days he does the same for mining and resources workers.  

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The art to happy phone chats with unwilling kids

Lots of kids aren't great communicators on the phone. So what to do if you work away and it's the only way to stay connected?   

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Reader Question of the month

How do I find time for loved ones (and myself) on a busy FIFO roster?

I'm a 25-year-old female working a FIFO 5/2 day roster. I have worked a number of different rosters in my five years in mines, some with 21 days away from home, but I am finding my current roster to be the most difficult as I always feel time poor when I get home (especially in the area of socialising with friends, family and my partner). At the moment most of my R&R is spent with my partner. This is fine but I also have birthday parties, hen's nights invitations and I do some beauty therapy for my friends on the side. How to do I keep everyone (including myself) happy?

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