Five tips for a better work/life balance

If you feel like that elusive work/life balance is way out of whack, the team at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing are here to get you back on track...    

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10 reasons to love Hamilton Island in winter

When it comes to family fun in the sun, it's hard to beat Hamilton Island. Lainie Anderson offers 10 reasons why...     

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"We thought Daddy worked on an aeroplane"

A beautiful new children's book is strengthening connections among FIFO families by helping kids to better understand what life's like when you work away...    

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Reader Question of the month

FIFO partner wants me to be fully available, and won't look after the kids. Is this normal?

My husband has been FIFO for a number of years now. Our last conversation he told me that I need to be fully available to him when he is home, and that he should not have to have any responsibility for housework or the kids. His says he works hard when he is away, and I don't. Yet I do work, and manage everything when he is away. Is this normal behaviour for FIFO workers? The thought of him getting home is quite depressing. What can I do?

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