Why FIFO works for Dorothy at 63

Mt Gibson Iron Nurse/Medic Dorothy Brunker is not your average FIFO worker. Firstly, she’s a woman. Secondly, she’s 63.   

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Downer EDI tackling mental health

Seven years back, Andrew was an operator at Downer EDI Mining's Goonyella Riverside project and found himself constantly in tears in his cab.   

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Wish U Were Here Dolls for FIFO kids

When Lauren Martin's children were missing their FIFO Dad, she sewed them special dolls to stay connected. It's now a busy little business.   

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Reader Question of the month

How will I keep my identity when our baby comes along?

My partner works a long FIFO roster, has done off and on for years, mostly on! I have always hated it, but have worked with it, and in order to cope with the constant lack of emotional and physical attention I have found myself taking on more and more work: paid/social/voluntary work. I have a full-time job, a part-time job and a casual job and I voluntarily coach a team. Now I am pregnant with our first child. He intends to continue working away! I HATE THIS! I am a very physical person, and my self-identity is strongly connected to my sport! I truly resent the concept of not being able to do it anymore due to him working away once the child comes.

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