Virtual memorial honours miners killed at work

West Australian historian Moya Sharp knows the pain of losing a loved one in the mines, and she's recently been recognised for her work in honouring lost miners...

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Working Away Guide: second edition out now

Following the success of our updated Survival Guide for Mining Families, we're delighted to launch the second edition of our ever-popular Working Away Guide...    

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Peter's proof that life can blossom after mining

Former mining engineer Peter Lelievre is used to taking resources out of the ground. These days it's not minerals, though, but unwanted plants and trees. 

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Reader Question of the month

I think my FIFO husband might be suffering from depression

My husband has worked FIFO for a number of years and we have young children. Lately my husband has become distant, given up alcohol, but won't communicate or talk to anyone. He seems depressed and is isolating himself at home and work. He also says he doesn't love me anymore and doesn't like coming home to reality, family, noise etc. I'm really concerned about him but he says he won't see a counsellor. I'm at a loss what to do or try. Any suggestions please?

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