Mining gets personal at AIMEX

It's one of the biggest mining exhibitions in the world, but things will still get personal at AIMEX this week...

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Seven ways to stay healthy while doing shift work

Imagine being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without making any drastic changes to your diet or ever stepping foot in the gym. Here's how...    

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Easing the emptiness of FIFO fly-out day

Fly-out day. It's perhaps the toughest day of all for most FIFO families. Here, Mining Family Matters readers share how they ease the emptiness... 

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Reader Question of the month

Help, I'm feeling unloved and worthless. Is it a FIFO thing?

Hello, I am a FIFO wife, my husband is on a long roster. I have been having some self issues lately. He never hugs or kisses me anymore, and when I go to kiss him lots he’s always moving away, more interested in his phone or laptop. I don’t work as I am studying and looking after the kids, so when he is home he makes me feel like what I do is nothing. I feel worthless, and at times unloved. Is it a FIFO thing? Please help with any advice you might have. Desperate situation.

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