If you work away, please take a bow

Fly-in, fly-out workers and work practices often get a bad rap. So we've decided to balance the score by listing all the reasons FIFO workers should take a bow... 

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QME attracts industry heavyweights to Mackay

Australia's top mining innovators will be under one roof for the 2016 Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition, returning to Mackay from 26-28 July.    

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Don't be controlled by your credit cards

If you feel like all your income is servicing credit card interest, it's time to turn the tide. The experts at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing show the way.    

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Reader Question of the month

How to know when you've had enough of FIFO

How do you know if you've had enough of your husband working away? The fact that I’m asking is an obvious sign, I know. I guess my question is more about other signs?

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