Making FIFO work when partying becomes parenthood

When kids come along, FIFO R&R can quickly change from party time to resentment time. Here's how we made the transition from FIFO couple to FIFO parents.   

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Survival Guide: second edition out now

Australian companies have been quick to support the second edition of our Survival Guide for Mining Families, with thousands of copies sold in the first week. 

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The Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program

Workers in mining, oil and gas are being armed with information to help prevent suicide under a new partnership between MiningFM and Wesley LifeForce.  

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Reader Question of the month

How do I convince my husband I'm not having an affair, I'm just exhausted?

I've been a mining wife for a few years now, we have two children and my husband does FIFO. My other half comes home expecting a happy little housewife who is instantly aroused at the sight of him, but this is rarely the case. He is now convinced that because I have no real desire to have intercourse, I must be getting it elsewhere while he's away... which is most definitely NOT the case! What can I do to dissolve the tension between us?

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