Website links FIFO workers with rooms for rent

Clever Perth brothers Chris and Daniel Del Borrello have just launched a website linking FIFO workers with rental accommodation. Not surprisingly, it's a hit... 

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Out of the mouths of mining babes...

Does your child think Dad or Mum works on a plane - because that's where they go to work? We sent a shout out on Facebook for funny things that mining kids say.

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FIFO man Luke sparks a nationwide debate

Queensland FIFO worker Luke Baker thought he'd start a Facebook page to share his thoughts on the lifestyle. In less than a month, he's attracted 10,000+ followers

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Reader Question of the month

How do you know when the time is up?

How do you know if you have had enough of your husband working away? The fact that I’m asking is an obvious sign, I know. I guess my question is more about other signs?

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