Safety boost for SA mines and quarries

Mining and quarrying workplaces in South Australia are getting a safety boost thanks to new training funded by MAQOHSC.     

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FIFO can work, so shove the judgments

If you've ever been on the receiving end of judgmental comments about your family doing FIFO, this one's for you...     

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QME to address workplace mental illness

The cost of mental illness in the workplace will be under the spotlight at the 2016 Queensland Mining & Engineering (QME) Exhibition in Mackay from 26-28 July.    

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New book: My Mum has Depression

A new Australian picture book is giving parents the tools to discuss depression with their children...    

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Reader Question of the month

Is quality versus quantity a valid argument for FIFO?

We have the option for my husband to work 3 weeks on and 8 days off and we are seriously considering this move. My husband and I are big believers in quality versus quantity of time and feel that it may be to our family’s advantage to have him home solidly for 8 days whereby he has nothing to do but focus purely on family time. I would appreciate your opinion on this scenario as we slowly gather all the necessary information to make an informed decision about this significant change?

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