The Survival Guide for Mining Families: new edition

The second edition of The Survival Guide for Mining Families has just been released, featuring new expert information to boost the emotional resilience of workers

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Tales of a diamond diver's wife

Mining can take you around the world. Just ask Karen Cormack, who has great stories to tell about life in a small diamond "diving" village in South Africa.  

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The Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program

Workers in mining, oil and gas are being armed with information to help prevent suicide under a new partnership between MiningFM and Wesley LifeForce.  

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Reader Question of the month

How to deal with 'sexpectations' in a FIFO relationship?

How do you deal with a FIFO partner who works away for much of the time and demands sex when he's home, especially when he arrives and departs? It makes sex a chore and expected. How do you get a balance of life when there are kids involved? I feel like I have to drop everything to revolve around him for the week.

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