Website links FIFO workers with rooms for rent

Clever Perth brothers Chris and Daniel Del Borrello have just launched a website linking FIFO workers with rental accommodation. Not surprisingly, it's a hit... 

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Hi viz bears + $12 copies of Mining Families Rock

We're better known as a support service than a shop, but we've got great buys on the website right now – all aimed at celebrating mining families...  

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Expert advice for helping FIFO kids to cope

Our psychologist Angie Willcocks is often asked how parents can help their children to cope with the FIFO lifestyle. Here's her expert, practical advice...  

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Reader Question of the month

Is it common for FIFO workers to become attached to their colleagues?

My husband of many years recently came home from work physically and emotionally devastated that his female colleague was changing mines. He told me his feelings for her were so strong that he "loved me but wasn't in love with me anymore". I suggested he contact her to see if the feelings were mutual. She said they weren't but he continued to text her, knowing it was breaking my heart and she didn't want him. I’m still confused how it gets to that point. I wonder if you’ve ever dealt or heard of such things in the FIFO world?

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