The Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program

Workers in mining, oil and gas are being armed with information to help prevent suicide under a new partnership between MiningFM and Wesley LifeForce.  

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FIFO families hit back at unfair criticism

If you're part of a FIFO family and often face criticism from well-meaning family and friends, it seems you're not alone...  

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Six weeks' free Bupa insurance for our readers

We all know health insurance is vital for mining families. Bupa is now offering a great deal for our readers, and donating to MiningFM in the process...  

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Reader Question of the month

FIFO mum battling jealousy and guilt over toddler

I am a mum to a toddler, and a fly-in, fly-out worker at a mine site. I am really struggling with being away. My partner is a stay-at-home dad and he is doing a great job caring for our child, but I find that I get extremely jealous of their relationship. I also struggle with sharing my time with my child when I am home. I don’t enjoy my partner’s family visiting or having to spend long periods with anyone apart from my child. I always fight the guilt and jealousy. Any help would be appreciated.

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