"Father's Day is every day I'm home!"

To celebrate Dad's Day, we asked FIFO partners why their miner is such a champion. Their answers show that FIFO sacrifices are not taken for granted.  

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Injured coal miner to inspire at NSW M&E

After losing part of his arm in a mining accident, Dean McSporran decided to raise awareness about safety. He'll be doing just that at NSW Mining & Engineering...

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Important suicide advice for FIFO workers

Tragically, more Australians die from suicide than car accidents – and the mining industry is not immune. Here's our expert advice for families...   

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Reader Question of the month

I think my FIFO partner is happier when he's not with me

My long-term partner and father of my children has been working in FIFO for a few years and I have reached the point where my emotional state is at breaking point most days. I work full time so I am very busy during the week with work and our children. My partner calls us every night on the phone while he is away. I so look forward to his call every night, even though at times I don't have a lot to say. It's more the fact that I don't feel forgotten about while he is away, as sometimes I feel I am out of sight out of mind. When he comes home I find it very difficult as I don't feel I can reconnect with him. He spends his days doing whatever he wants to do before picking us up from school and work. I don't begrudge him his R&R but I feel like his life continues to go on without me.

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