MAQOHSC funds free counselling access

Mining and quarry workers are being offered free access to professional online counselling in a bid to curb workplace mental health pressures.    

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Getting the most out of your retirement

Planning ahead is the key to a happy retirement. The team at Mine Wealth + Wellbeing step you through the process...    

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Clever countdown calendars for FIFO kids

FIFO mum Kristie Kerr came up with the idea of a fun countdown calendar to help her son Jack understand why his Dad was away so often.    

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FIFO workers needed for mental health study

Shout out to Australian FIFO/DIDO workers living in rural areas and working in mining and resources.

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Reader Question of the month

Help, my husband is struggling with homesickness and I'm trying to keep him positive

Hi, I need advice about my husband. He's worked away for a few years and everything used to be great. This year he is really struggling with homesickness and has become very focused on coming home. I am trying to be positive and supportive but I would like some advice about how to help change his thinking pattern and look on the bright side. He has always been a very tough guy and when I say to him "you will be right, you are strong" he replies with "I’m not so sure". Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is taking its toll on me, worrying about him. I really feel it’s not depression, as he is very happy but just missing home.

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