Clever kids launch mining t-shirt range

Clever South Australian mining kids Deegan Dealtry and Sam Ranford have launched a clothing brand to show other children that mining is cool. Shop now.

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Ho Ho Ho. FIFO. Staying cheery when you're apart

Santa isn't the only FIFO worker this Christmas. Across Australia, thousands of mining men and women will spend the big day away from loved ones.

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MAQOHSC funds free counselling access

Mining and quarry workers are being offered free access to professional online counselling in a bid to curb workplace mental health pressures.    

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Reader Question of the month

I have insomnia and feel like my relationship is in a deep rut

My partner is DIDO and has been working away since our toddler was tiny. It's been a difficult road for all of us, but I'm now finding that we've slipped into a deep rut as far as our relationship goes. I've been trying my best to be a good partner/mother and housewife but after nights of insomnia I've realised that everything I'm doing has nothing to do with myself. I don't have any physically close friends (they're all at least two hours away) and we live fairly rural, so getting out of the house for a cuppa isn't really an option.

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