Laura Tyler: blazing a trail for women in mining

Laura Tyler has blazed a trail across four continents. Now with BHP Billiton Cannington in Queensland, she says men must take up the cause for gender diversity.   

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Supporting Queensland families at times of tragedy

When Rachel Blee lost her husband in a mining accident, she was determined to ensure other families wouldn't suffer the same tragic loss.   

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Important suicide advice for FIFO workers

Tragically, more Australians die from suicide than car accidents – and the mining industry is not immune. Here's our expert advice for families...   

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Reader Question of the month

My FIFO fiancé and I constantly argue about who works harder

Life with my FIFO fiancé seems different to the usual, stay-at-home wife situation. I work full time, running my own successful business and earn the same wage. This has put us in a very fortunate position, but also causes complexities. Every month we have the same argument around who works harder and who gets and deserves time off. We both work hard yet have completely different lifestyles and most times we have to agree to disagree. I would like to see a counsellor to help us sort out the recurring issues and determine the rules that will prevent the arguments. Perhaps I don't cope as well because I'm so busy, but sometimes I do feel isolated and slightly crazy but I swear all of my frustrations are real but don't know how to get over it.

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